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Birth Control
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Our gynecology team at The Howard Center offers comprehensive birth control services. At the offices in Tifton, Leesburg, Douglas, Valdosta, Warner Robins, Waycross, Moultrie & Covington, Georgia, you can receive a birth control consultation to determine which is right for you and your lifestyle. Call The Howard Center office nearest you to schedule a birth control consultation or request an appointment online today.

Birth Control Q & A

What types of birth control are available?

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to birth control, The Howard Center offers several different types of birth control. Each works differently to prevent unintended pregnancies.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods like condoms and diaphragms keep sperm and egg from meeting to prevent unintended pregnancies. A diaphragm is a small, dome-shaped cup that fits inside the vagina and covers the cervix, and is inserted before intercourse. It’s meant to be used with spermicide for added protection against pregnancy. 

Our team can provide guidance on how to use condoms properly and give you a prescription for a diaphragm.

Short-acting birth control

Short-acting birth control includes birth control pills, patches, and shots that stop ovulation to prevent pregnancy.

Long-acting birth control

Long-acting birth control includes implants and the Liletta® intrauterine device (IUD) that provide long-lasting pregnancy protection. Some IUDs protect you for up to 10 years. Long-acting birth control is reversible when you want to conceive.

Which type of birth control is right for me?

The only way to find the right birth control method for you is to speak with our providers at The Howard Center. They spend time getting to understand your plans for a family and your medical history. They also discuss your lifestyle, including how many partners you have, to determine which birth control method is a good fit.

If you’re not good at remembering to take a pill every day or don’t want to use a barrier method, you might be a good candidate for shots or an IUD.

Can I stop using birth control when I want to get pregnant?

When you’re ready to become pregnant, our physicians at The Howard Center can recommend how to stop your use of short-acting birth control.

Our gynecology team has extensive experience placing and removing long-acting birth control, like implants and IUDs, in-office.

To schedule a birth control consultation, call The Howard Center office nearest you or request an appointment online today.